Professor and associate professor positions

The campaign begins in February, candidates are welcome to contact the team and to give a talk. Please contact Philippe Leray for more information.

PhD positions

Starting in 2017 (fall) :

  • Representing and interacting with symbolic data within immersive environments (details)
  • Fouille sémantique de motifs fréquents probabilistes sur des données liées (détails)

Postdoc positions

  • No position for the moment

Internship positions

We have a specific page for internship positions (Master 2) here.

Engineer positions

Engineer positions may be available within DUKe’s research projects.

- Ingénieur maturation de développements logiciels / CDD de 12 mois (fiche de poste). Les personnes intéressées peuvent commencer par contacter par mail : philippe.leray @ univ-nantes.fr

 – Visualizing image construction in astrophysics (profile). Please contact Yannick Prié (mail) and Aurelien Tabard (mail) for more details. (24 months, starting fall 2015)

CNRS CR/DR positions

Applications for full-time research positions are possible, candidates are also welcome to contact the team and to give a talk. Please contact Philippe Leray for more information.

Invited positions

Our research group welcomes every year visiting professors in our research fields in order to strengthen our international collaborations.

Our Master DMKM also welcomes permanent members of one of the associated partners of the Master from outside Europe to visit one of the Universities member of the Consortium, to start a joint research project and/or to teach in the Master. The duration of each visiting period cannot be longer than 3 months nor shorter than 2 weeks. The scholar receives a weekly allowance of 1200 euros per week, including all costs incurred (travel, living, …)

To apply, please send a CV (PDF) to philippe dot leray@univ-nantes.fr

  • before 1st of september, for one visit from october to february
  • before 1st of january, for one visit from march to july

Past visits


  • L. van der Gaag (University of Utrecht)
  • T. Rebedea (Université polytechnique de Bucarest, Roumanie), FP7-REGPOT-2010- ERRIC mobility grant


  • M. Theobald, (MPII, Saarbrücken)