F.Dumonceaux presents part of his Ph.D. work “An algebraic approach to ensemble clustering” at Int. Conf. on Pattern Recognition (ICPR’2014) . Full paper.

Abstract—In clustering, consensus clustering aims at providing a single partition fitting a consensus from a set of independently generated. Common procedures, which are mainly statistical and graph-based, are recognized for their robustness and ability to scale-up. In this paper, we provide a complementary and original viewpoint over consensus clustering, by means of algebraic definitions which allow to ascertain the nature of available inferences in a systematic approach (e.g. a knowledge base). We found our approach on the lattice of partitions, for which we shall disclose how some operators can be added with the aim to express a formula representing the consensus. We show that adopting an incremental approach may assist to retain significant amount of aggregate data which fits well with the set of input clusterings. Beyond that ability to model formulae, we also note that its potential cannot be easily captured through such a logical system. It is due to the volatile nature of handling partitions which finally impacts on ability to draw some valuable conclusions.

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